Achieving ambiguous goals with fast feedback loops to refine direction and destination.

Magix Teams

Guided learning to improve the most important twenty skills for future career success.

Timeline of modern work

Documenting the cultural changes and technological inventions that created modern work


Sharing the soft skills that give people superpowers.

The app-ification of work

Exploring the use of technology as a power shifting intermediary between the employer and employee affects the power imbalance

Dividual Me

Exploring Deleuze’s concept of the dividual in a society of control, in an online world, in the information age.

Roadmaps FYI

Roadmap templates for keeping your product development focused on achieving the most important goals.

Ethical Product Decision-making collection

A collection of resources from different sources

Has the world been taken over by AI?

Only one way to find out.

Collision Courses

A personal learning management system to get the most out of online learning

Future Skills

Guided learning to improve the most important twenty skills for future career success.

Irregular Ideas

An email newsletter sitting at the crossroads of technology and humanity, past and future.

System-shifting Product Management

How product managers can leverage systems to drive change


Teams work together better when they understand each others skills.

Interface. Integrate. Iterate.

Explore the role good product management can play in charities

100 innovation ideas in your inbox

An email lecture series about ideas that shaped the field of innovation.

Vanlife Lockdown Survey

Research into how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected people who live in vans, campers and cars.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

A read-along children’s book about being yourself.

Stiles Style

Documenting the unique, hand-made stiles from around the country.

Simple Online Journal

An online journal for building the daily habit of writing and reflecting.

Digital Nomad Newsletter

Exploring the remote working life of a digital nomad

The Fire Control Problem

How to make progress towards uncertain goals and course correct along the way

Ultimate Digital Tools List

Find digital products that meet your needs to build up the best tech stack for your project

Good Life Goals

Helping people set small goals that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

A thought experiment in what the charity of the future might look like

Build Better Systems

Tech stacks for small business builders and side-project makers

World’s Best Thinkers

Connect on Twitter with some of the world’s best thinkers on AI, tech ethics, etc.

Animals Looking At You

What do animals think when they look at us?

Floors I’ve walked on

A collection of the floors that I walked on from the places I visited

Signs I’ve Ignored

A collection of signs that were ironically not ignored to be photographed


The gnarliest radish collection of mountainboarding media and madness.

Beginners guide to mountainboarding

Learn how to mountainboard with

Thames Valley Mountainboard Club

Getting people into mountainboarding across the Thames Valley