Changes to the Give Blood app

Why is the Give Blood app so bad? I don’t know, but here are some improvements I’d make.

Give Blood app - opening screen


Make the phone number a tel link so I can call with a click.

Give Blood app - welcome


Is this the most important information I need to see every time I open the app? Don’t think so. Move it to the About you section.

Earliest donation date should be replaced with a ‘You can donate now’ message.

Give Blood app - First responders


What’s the primary call to action here? It should be to ‘Book an appointment’ but ‘See why you’re a First Responder’ is more prominent. And I read it, so why do I need to see it on the home screen every time I log in?

Give Blood app


Hide the ‘Your upcoming appointments’ if I don’t have any upcoming appointments. It’s a distraction from getting me to book an appointment.

Give blood app - Fina a donation venue near you

Find a donation venue near you

Minor detail I know, but the search box and button should be the same height.

Give blood app - post code search

Donation venues filtering

Venues can be filtered by dates but even when ordered by nearest there is no way to change the default distance for the search (which seems to be 10 miles).

Give blood app - location in Google maps

Location map

Every venue has a ‘View on a map’ link which opens Google maps in a browser and uses the coordinates to find the place. This is where the link from the venue ‘Aylesbury Methodist Church’ goes, to Elsinore House. That’s confusing.

Give blood app - Choose a date range

Choose a date range

Another example of how text behaves badly when the device text size is zoomed.

Give blood app - no appointments

No dates available

Even though a venue is shown in the search results, when going to pick pick an appointment time it shows as having no dates available. Don’t show it in the search results.

Give blood app - viewing appointments

Viewing appointments

This screen introduces a new user interaction – the plus/minus reveal that doesn’t look like something to interact with. All the other screens with blue text links open another screen, this is the only one that expands on the same screen, so it’s a bit inconsistent.

Date range and number of venues

With the dates set from 29 August 2023 to 1 December 2023 there are 19 venues with appointments, but…

Date range and number of venues

… if I expand the date to 31 August 2024, there are only 7 venues with available appointments. How can there be fewer venues with appointments for a shorter time period?

Give blood app - donor history

Your donation history

Always test how text behaves when the device has font size zoom set high.

Give blood app - donation days

Your donation history

And always allow your text to line break.

Give blood app - previous attendance

Previous attendance

No previous donations are shown, which is fine but hide the heading.