I’ve only recently started using notion but it is quickly replacing Evernote for note taking, Airtable for holding data, and maybe even Trello for roadmap/task management.

Here are five things I’d like to see in Notion.


Automation can improve productivity so much, but I don’t know any system that has got it right yet. Butlerbot for Trello comes close and is what keeps Trello slightly out in front of it’s competitors for me. It would be great to be able to automate tasks in Notion, especially if it’s used as a workspace for a team rather than just an individual (which is how I use it).

Shared tags

Tags are a good way to link pieces of content that are about the same topic but in different places together. I can create tags in one table but they aren’t available for any other table or document. It would be great for tags to be shared across a workspace to enable me to connect and pull all the different documents, table entries, etc., together.


Notifications (and being able to control them) are another must for productivity. Being notified that a task is due or that a comment has been added to a document would be really useful. And the same event change that triggers a notification could be used in the automation.

Public workspace

Individual pages can be made public and so shared (although the url isn’t very human so maybe pretty URLs is the sixth thing for my list, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to share an entire workspace. Where I’m going with this is using Notion as a website. It would also require a means of navigating around the different pages but why would I write a blog post in Notion and copy it to a website platform when I could just publish it on Notion?