Getting MUKy

I’ve been trying to be more disciplined and spend one evening a week on each project. Thursdays is for Having looked at the analytics I took the Your Questions Answered out of the menu and the sidebar as it obviously isn’t getting any interaction from visitors. I also added a couple of new products and collated some info for an article. Just got to write it now. I’ve also got a list of design changes to make to the site but at least now I know that I can expect to work my way through them every Thursday evening.

The MUK ifttt seems to be working pretty well. Even though each post only gets a few views (because not many people like the page and because facebook doesn’t really like automated posting), it’s a regular feed of mountainboarding stuff happening online in the UK. The ebay listings yielded a positive result of getting an old mountainboarder to buy a board and get back into it.