Individual, team and organisational culture

For a team to be successful it needs individual expectations, behaviours, etc., team culture and organisational culture to be continually realigning as each evolves.

Success for leaders then, could be defined as facilitating that continual cultural realignment, taking into account all of the different actors and all the changes with each of them.

We can’t think about individual team members in isolation from the rest of the team or the rest of the organisation. Can’t think about the team as a unit in isolation from the organisation or other teams. And we can’t think of the organisation as something separate

This gives us a micro macro meso model where there is an exchange between all three that also changes all three. Everything is affected by everything else.

The challenge for the individuals is dealing with the dissonance between their own expectations and behaviours, the team culture and the organisational culture. And for leaders, who are of course also individuals, accepting that dissonance as a signal for the need for realigning.