Just another day in the office

When someone asks me what I do for the ATBA-UK I always have trouble explaining myself. I do quite a few different things, even in an average week.

Discussed downhill comps with committee members.

Analysed the results of a riders survey to help inform the ATBA-UK’s decision-making process.

Wrote up my notes from the AGM.

Worked on the ATBA-UK’s Marketing Strategy and Plan for 2014 so that we have a coordinated and structured means of communicating with the riders and encouraging them to go to the competitions.

Started a calender for organising event dates for 2014 so centres don’t clash weekends.

Discussed with committee members alternative ways of selling raffle tickets for the snowboarding holiday that Pleisure donates to the ATBA-UK, so we can make more money next year.

Blogged my realisation about how I see the AGM differently to some other people, and what I can do about it.

Wrote a reference for someone who does volunteer work with the ATBA-UK to help their application to college.

Went to library to do some market research for an idea I have that would help the ATBA-UK market mountainboarding more effectively.

Discussed next years Downhill comps with committee members.

Spoke to an Accident Insurance company about providing accident and injury cover for ATBA-UK members at a discounted rate.

Organised some Instructor Training for a Regional Representative.

Added Regional Representatives to the Ride Guide Maps so they can keep their regions maps up to date.

Read some information about funding for sports organisations.

Created some auto-responder emails for Regional Representatives.

Updated company information on the Companies House website.

Applied for funding to pay for Regional Rep’s to do First Aid Training.

Updated Membership letters for 2014 Membership Packages.

Designed Entry Form for 2014 Uk Mountainboard Series.

Emailed someone who is interested in having a mountainboard lesson.