Lesson 42: Staying put can be a challenge too

For my fortieth birthday I wrote about the 40 things I’d learned in life. Now, two years on it’s time to add my 42nd life lesson.

Staying put can be a challenge too

For most of my life I’ve considered challenge to come from moving on to something new. And I went after challenges. I changed jobs frequently to learn new skills and most importantly face new challenges. I did things I didn’t know how to do and just made it up as I went along. I said ‘yes’ to things I shouldn’t of. All in the name of seeking new challenges.

Over the last year I’ve come to realise that challenge doesn’t only come from newness. Sometimes staying put and working through what you set out to do can be more of a challenge. Sometimes sticking it out through difficult times, not giving up (and telling yourself that it’s not giving up it’s moving on), and fulfilling your responsibility to others is a far greater and more worthwhile challenge.