Linear design processes

Design sprint: map, sketch, decide, prototype, test.

Design thinking: empathise, define, ideate, prototype, test.

Double Diamond: discover, define, develop, deliver.

What’s the difference? Is one better for certain things than another?

I see two problems with these & all models; they are linear, and dumb (fixed, unable to respond to change, & isolated, not connected to other models). We need smart (sensing and responding to change, connected and able to communicate, continuously improving) networked models.

So, there’s a journey from not using any models, using dumb models badly, using dumb models well, and then moving on to using smart models which form an evolving ecosystem of models that better reflects our understanding of reality.

A design process is not an innovation process

Direct – Choose the problem space

Discover – Understand the problem space

Define – Select the problem to solve

Design – Figure out the solution

Develop – Build the solution

Deliver – Get the solution working

Do – Keep using the solution

Design ecosystems for wicked problems