More Nompas can only be a good thing

More people are starting to become interested in Nompa’s and set about building them. Since my discussion with Constantin, Dale has started building his Nompa (and a fine looking beast it is too), and even long-time noSno rider Dave McBean has been considering it.

All this Nompa activity is inspiring me to make another one. I think it would be more Downhill orientated, perhaps to take the place of Fatman. I think I would use a 15 degree deck again and trim it to be able to take my noSno brakes, and have some good twist in the middle. It would be a bit longer than my current Nompa (which to be fair is shorter than most kids boards) and probably have a bit more ground clearance than Dale’s just because of the nose and tail angle, which will give it less steering. I think, for shaping, I might go with a nicely rounded, longboard-style, deck shape.

I’ve even thought about starting a website about Nompa’s, although as Dale pointed out, there would only be five of us who would look at it. That might be a bit too ultra-niche to put the time and effort into it. I still think that all the knowledge we are generating from building Nompa’s should be recorded, even down the details of lengths of noSno wheel bolts, but maybe it doesn’t need it’s own website. Maybe I’ll just spend some time measuring and recording as many details about things like hub width and binding positions and put it all on this blog.

I guess we’ll see if I get time to do anything.