Mountainboarding Wiki-site – The accumulated knowledge of mountainboarders all in one place

Mountainboarding wiki-site

I’ve been thinking about an accumulated knowledge-base for mountainboarding for quite a while now. It would be a place where all the mountainboarders could add their knowledge and experiences to create the ultimate reference guide to mountainboarding, and because it would be written by the community it could have not only factual technical information about things like board weights, but also contradictory opinions on things like the best way to do a powerslide.

So I started a wiki-site for all us mountainboarders to begin adding our knowledge. The first step was to put some section headers in to give it some structure and provide a bit of guidance on what to include and where to put it. Once it has some content I’ll have another look at how it is organised and move sections around so they make more sense.

So, all you mountainboarders out there, go to and add what you know.