Remolition – The Interviews

Fireside chats with some of the best mountainboarders in the world

Remolition on Kindle


“I must be honest, I went into the purchase with very low expectations but I figured “what the hay” I’ve given one dollar bills to homeless people before, so why not throw one away for a chance to read the rants of of a bunch of british wheelie boarding nutjobs? Boy am I glad I did, suprisingly British English is easier on the eyes than it is on the ears and it turns out that those british nutjobs know quite a bit about the ol’ mountainboard and are jolly good blokes when not posting drunk on the surfingdirt forums. Easily the best dollar I ever spent.”

“There aren’t many books about mountainboarding. There are even less available electronically.

Buy this even if you only have a passing interest in mountainboarding – its a fun read and keeps your stoke gland primed & ready to go!!!”