Retrospective February 2022

This month’s lesson was that if I don’t have a structure in place I won’t get much done. Weeknotes and Irregular Ideas happen because I have specific times set for them, so I need to get back to time-blocking for each of the things I want to work on and being disciplined with myself about sticking with it.

Contributing to the digital transformation of the charity sector

Another good month at work with my focus split across building the team, getting foundations in place for greater robustness and resiliency in the future, and planning for new product development.

Still haven’t spent any time trying to figure out this goal outside of work.

Learning about innovation, technology, product and design

I didn’t do any formal learning this month. I’m really behind on my British Sign Language course.

Didn’t do very much on any of my projects.

Read a little bit of lots of things but nothing substantial.

Irregular Ideas is going fine. I’ve sent 19 editions and have 22 subscribers. At some point I may have to decide whether this project has an end game in mind or whether it’s just a nice thing to do to express some ideas.

I wrote weeknotes on schedule every week.

Leading an intentional life

My nomadic life along the coastline continued and I visited lots of cool places.

My financial measures are doing well.

I’m still not doing enough to improve my physical health.