Retrospective January 2022

This month’s lesson was about building a habit of shipping quickly.

Contributing to the digital transformation of the charity sector

My work at RNID is going well. We’ve got an exciting year ahead and I feel like I know what I need to focus on.

I had some interesting chats with digital charity people and a bit of volunteering. I don’t have any direction for this part of my goals yet but it’s ok to just be exploring a bit at the moment.

Learning about innovation, technology, product and design

I started seven projects, which was a lot of fun. My aim was to do some learning-by-doing, and getting those projects started certainly qualifies.

I didn’t do very much formal learning this month, only one British Sign Language module and nothing on Microsoft Learn.

I finished another email for but it’s still going really slowly.

Irregular Ideas is proceeding nicely. I’ve switched to sending one longer article each week rather than having three shorter ideas, which has given

I wrote weeknotes on schedule every week.

Leading an intentional life

My nomadic life along the coastline continued and I visited lots of cool places.

My financial measures are doing well and other than spending too much on domain names I hit my spending target for the month.

I’m still not doing enough to improve my physical health.