The ECG of projects

I was given some advice about running projects. Just as an electrocardiogram is used for measuring abnormalities in heart rate and rhythm, this ECG helps to ensure the health of the project.

Setting clear expectations for the project, it’s time scales, budget, etc., not only prevents surprises it also gets people to support the project and not be so quick to dismiss it when things go wrong.

Communicating well and often builds confidence in the project. Providing the right kind of information at the right level via a formal means of communication, and talking about the project in an informal way are both vital for getting the message across.

Good governance is essential. And if the decision-makers have clear expectations and have been communicated to well, then they’ll be in a good position to provide good governance.

Ask yourself:

  • have I set clear Expectations?
  • have I got clear Communication
  • have I got good Governance?

Answer “Yes”, and prevent the project from flat-lining.