UK Mountainboard Championship 2016

It was a gamble. Holding just one mountainboard competition this year rather than the four we’ve done for the past few years. What if it got rained off? What if there was a major injury or system failure meant we ran out of time? What if key staff couldn’t get there? If any of those things happened it would have meant no national level competitive mountainboard event this year, which would have had a knock-on effect on the ATBA-UK, it’s reputation, the decision to only hold one event, and the future of mountainboarding in the UK.

But after three days of flag-planting, gate-dropping, roller-pumping, wheel-spinning, berm-swooping, collarbone-popping, sumo-wrestling, cable-laying, track-grooming, laser-beam-breaking, fire-breathing, mini-ramp-riding, chilli-eating, cow-onesie-wearing, double-backflipping, 1080-ing, medal-winning mountainboarding, it was over. It was a gamble, but it worked.