Week Notes #47

What happened this week…

  • Looked into opportunities for partnering with an upcycling supplier.
  • Planned marketing for launching with our second-hand books partner.
  • Started the ‘Heart For A Heart’ project working with artists to sell prints.
  • Updated our projects roadmap for July to December.
  • RMSP workshop to begin to scope integrations between Magento and AX.
  • RMSP workshop to begin solution design for merchandising.
  • RMSP workshop to review processes for managing inventory and warehouses.
  • Product Development with Wedding Favours.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Reporting on our financial performance for April, May and June.
  • Reviewing our marketing performance for April, May and June.
  • More RMSP Solution Design workshops.
  • Moving from sending orders to the warehouse daily to hourly to support marketplace selling.
  • Starting to create product information for Christmas cards.
  • Preparing for listing Fascinators on Amazon.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Returning Visitors account for 18% of the traffic to the Online Shop but 45% of the revenue, giving Returning Visitors a conversion rate of 6.77% (compared to 2.2% for New Visitors).

In the not too distant future….

  • Getting into selling art