Increasing donations

Charity eCommerce websites rarely give customers the option to make a donation, focusing instead on selling the products available on the site. This seemed like a missed opportunity to me so in an attempt to understand whether customer would want to donate on a charity ecommerce website I included the option to add a donation to an order on the basket page.

Old basket page

It was fine for a while and brought in some not-insignificant income, but it had an impact on the effectiveness of the basket page.

Conducting user research

Google Analytics

Google Analytics shows the big but amalgamated picture of all the visitors to the basket page


SessionCam used to watch approximately fifty interactions with


User interviews with five people


Designing better donations

Our user research providing the key insight that when a customer goes from selecting products to going through the checkout they experience a mindset shift to where they just want to get on with paying, and so it’s the wrong point in their journey to get them to consider whether they want to add a donation to their order.

With this in mind we set about designing ways for customers to add a donation whilst shopping.

Donation popup


Donation page