Had two different discussions where people were telling me that we should start simple and add complexity later if we need to. It’s great to see that kind of thinking.

Doing a little experiment to see how quickly we can go from idea to live. We’re currently at 7 hours and 30 minutes. I’d be really happy with 24 hours, but I don’t want to say anything to those involved and bias the results.

Added a few more feeds to my Slack channel, and thought of a few more to add. The really good thing is how neutral this approach to content discovery is compared to relying on algorithm-driven discovery on social media. Whether someone posts every week or is posting for the first time in three years, they are treated equally.

On chapter 12 of The Unicorn Project. They’ve introduced some modern technical practices and are starting to self-organise. It’s really interesting how well-meaning processes become barriers to change. And you can’t even say that the barriers are wrong, they just have a different perspective on what’s important.