Wrote my weeknotes.

Started working on a guide for responsible product management. I keep starting new things and never finish them.

Started looking into moving my website to another host. And even thought about not having a website.


Did some training.

Tried to stem the flow of incoming work.

Wrote some guidance on using tracked links.

So much of what I do seems to have been needed for a while.


Refining my project process.

Set up user sign up on PMZ. Can’t figure out how to auto populate an email with records from Airtable.


My thinking about how to explain what product managers do has gained some clarity over the past couple of days.

I’ve thought that product management is essentially the application of the scientific method in an organisational context for while. And that the core concept of product management is validation.

Now I’m trying to find an easy to understand way of saying that what makes product managers different is that they don’t just deliver, they validate that it’s the right thing to deliver.

Next I need to figure out what all the techniques that product manager’s can use to valid everything from an entire business model to a single feature.

I did a bit of working out what I could do with productmanagement.zone. If I can get RSS feeds to create records in Airtable, then it can bundle all the latest product management content into an email that people can sign-up for.

The other thing on my mind is writing the seminal paper on system-shifting product management. I don’t know what it might look like yet, but it would be cool.

Tomorrow I’ll try to do some writing for The Technology Charity. It would be good to get on a roll with it



  • Created my first Google Dashboard
  • Bit of thinking about tech strategy
  • Interesting chat about mental illness
  • First NaBloPoMo post


  • Creating a training course
  • Discussing tech strategy
  • Read Recently thread
  • Second NaBloPoMo post



  • Irregular Ideas newsletter about
  • Blog post about the charity-as-a-platform conundrum
  • Went for a walk
  • Ate ice cream


  • Sprint planning for our first continuous improvement
  • GA4 requirements
  • Prep for NoBloPoMo



  • Team meeting
  • Prepared for a goal-setting workshop
  • Reviewed email journeys
  • Learned more about BVSSH
  • Read Recently thread


  • Goal-setting workshop
  • Team meeting
  • Leadership check-in



  • Product metrics update
  • Planned a goal setting workshop
  • Interview
  • Nice walk, saw some deer


  • Chatting about a new project
  • One-to-ones
  • Chatting about the workshop
  • Reviewing an opportunity canvas



  • Chatted about connecting technology and strategy
  • Presented ‘How we do QR codes’
  • Started collecting reporting requirements for some work with partners
  • Thought about how we might communicate the mental models we hold for things
  • Wrote up my reflections on my first coaching meeting


  • One-to-one
  • Adoption plans
  • Interviews



  • Adoption planning
  • Cost projections
  • Prototyped a dashboard


  • Discussing some tech improvements
  • Team meeting
  • More adoption planning