It’s October. And it’s t-shirt weather. People are sleeping with their windows open.

Thought about allowing failure and creating learning opportunities. The breadth of failures is far wider than those that can offer learning opportunities. If the failure is small and has low consequences, then no one bothers to learn from it. If the failure is big and has catastrophic consequences, then it’s hard to learn from because of fear and panic. So, the failures that offer the best learning opportunities are those in the middle. They are the ones that are serious enough to take notice of but not so bad that they cause a lot of panic.

The question for me, is how I help ensure the failures I see coming land in that middle ground.

I’ve been working on a blog about how product management can exist in an organisation in different ways; with product managers, subject matter experts acting as product owners, and distributed across many different roles. Partly, it’s a reflection on the changes we’re making at work, and partly it’s a theoretical exercise to figure out where product responsibilities could sit.