Thought about writing a book about “Uncovering better ways… applying agile principles to leading, working and being in a team” or something like that. But figured I should probably finish the blog post about it first.

Worked on figuring how to explain the flow from goals & needs to work to value. Still very messy.

Hand-drawn diagram showing goals & needs flowing into work and into value.

Added some stuff to my improvement kata. It’s getting harder to know whether one problem is part of/caused by another problem, especially when they have overlapping solutions, but it’s still really useful to have somewhere to document problems and what we’re doing to solve them.

Finally got around to answering the question a colleague asked, “Which of my books would I recommend for product managers?”:

  • The practitioner’s guide, Strategize and the product book for a basic overview.
  • Empowered, Inspired and Escaping the build trap for the aspirational view of product management.
  • And most importantly, for getting better at understanding our users,  Jobs to be done, outcomes over outputs, user story mapping and what customers want.

Read Tom Dolan’s fortnote.