Mobile phone as dash cam

An app and car windscreen holder that turns your phone into a dash cam, still lets you use Google maps, and uploads recordings to the storage of your choice.

Ask better questions

A framework for asking better questions. The framework would help researchers, designers, product managers, etc., create well-defined questions that get better answers

Tomorrow is the day for…

Sign-up for a daily email which tells you which ‘international day of x’ is happening tomorrow and suggests a few things you can do to contribute.

Digital working practices

A resource library for modern digital working practices for charities. Including lightweight governance, agile planning, feedback loops, retros, show and tells, etc., etc. Perhaps building on CAST’s open working toolkit.


Promoting and sharing the ‘soft’ life skills that give people superpowers. Things like patience, dealing with failure, controlling your impulses.

Reading companion app

Helps you read books by telling you how long each chapter will take to read, schedule time to read it, and prompt you if you didn’t.


A keyboard without letters, only words. Some kind of copy/paste and predictive text interface.