Cross-language messaging

Messaging app with in-built language translation so each person can send in their language (Polish, Urdu, Spanish) and the receiver sees the message in their language (English, Chinese, BSL).


Notifications will be useful when they have automation. I don’t want notifications to be trying to get my attention, I want them to be triggering an action. If I get an email from person x, add a task to my to do list. If someone follows me on Twitter, post x tweet. Etc., etc.

Postal scan

Postal address and mail scanning for digital nomads and remote workers.

Newsletter reader with workflow

A newsletter reader that offers a good reading experience and a workflow to manage the status of emails, e.g. unread, read, keep for later. It should also have search and a means of highlighting certain emails as favourites.

Feedback survey on your website

Add clickable options to rate a newsletter and link each to a different page on your website with specific messaging and a form to collect feedback.

Project (not task) management tool

A project management tool that does more than just manage tasks but also governance, budgets, risks, etc., where each is an object with attributes and definable relationships between the objects, e.g., if risk rating for project X exceeds score Y, then notify Z person.

Find a charity

Search for a charity in your area that provides the help you’re looking for.