Online communities reading list

Involving the Virtual Subject

The Participatory Cultures Handbook

Predicting continuance in online communities: model development and empirical test

Age differences in perceptions of online community participation among non-users: An extension of the Technology Acceptance Model

Strategies for online communities

Emergence of Power Laws in Online Communities

What makes online community members commit? A social exchange perspective

Assessing Motivation of Contribution in Online Communities: An Empirical Investigation of an Online Travel Community

The Emergence of Online Community Leadership

Motivating Content Contributions to Online Communities: Toward a More Comprehensive Theory

Online communities

Understanding knowledge contribution in online knowledge communities: A model of community support and forum leader support

An empirical study of the driving forces behind online communities

An Attraction–Selection–Attrition Theory of Online Community Size and Resilience

An Analysis of Interaction and Participation Patterns in Online Community

A typology of online communities and community supporting platforms

A life-cycle perspective on online community success

Understanding lurkers in online communities: A literature review

The Emergence of Opinion Leaders in a Networked Online Community: A Dyadic Model with Time Dynamics and a Heuristic for Fast Estimation

Understanding Online Community Participation: A Technology Acceptance Perspective

Determinants of success for online communities: an empirical study