System-shifting Product Management

What is system-shifting product management?

Building on the brilliant exploratory work into systems-shifting design conducted by Cat Drew, Cassie Robinson and Jennie Winhall, I want to explore how Product Management can adopt aligned thinking in how it achieves outcomes.

How might we consider the shift?

As an emergent practice, but we can think in terms of moving from an existing approach or body of knowledge to something alternative and new.


Affecting individual users…

Linear outcomes…

User centered design…

Humanistic perspectives…


…affecting systems actors.

…unintended consequences.

…systems-shifting design.

…post humanist approaches.

What might system-shifting product management look like?

Fundamentally, product management is about solving problems. The shift in how product management thinking and practice solves problems in a modern, interconnected world will require a move away from a focus on users and linear cause-and-effect to interacting with complex systems.

Blog posts

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The Center for Humane Technology’s Leverage Points Framework offers an example of achieving product outcomes at different points on a lever.

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