At Ecommerce Expo 16

I went to Ecommerce Expo 16, and although I only had a short amount of time to watch a couple of presentations and talk to a few companies about their services, I got a lot out of going.

I got stats:

  • The average adult uses 2.3 devices a day; tablets and mobiles in the morning, desktops during the day, and mobiles in the evening.
  • 87% of customers in the UK shop online.
  • 50% of customers won’t go back to a retailer if they have a poor fulfilment experience.

I got insights:

  • Customers have unlimited choice. They can get pretty much whatever they want and in lots of different ways.
  • Customers have accepted that change, retailers must too. The question is, how do we do it?
  • Ecommerce must be effortless and it must reward the customer. (I thought the idea that ecommerce needs to reward the customer is really interesting, and right, the more extra benefits and value (not just monetary) a customer gets the more likely they are

I got to meet:

  • Freshdesk, to talk about customer contact and how we can improve our customer services. (And I got a keyring).
  • Amazon Payments, to talk about using Amazon as a payment option.
  • Amazon Sponsored Products, to talk about pushing Heartfelt