Vee boarding

I spent the weekend at a Formula Vee race at Pembrey. It’s probably not the most obvious sport to compare to mountainboarding, after all their tracks are flat, but there are some parallels.

The Vee organising body is run by a committee of volunteers and has an annual membership fee of £30. The competitions, of which there are about 15 a year, typically see between 25 & 45 competitors. They don’t seem to have any big sponsors but instead concentrate on developing a sustainable business model. The people involved are all part of a strong community, and support each other by helping out with repairs and sharing race strategies. And they don’t get many spectators, just the few that come with the racers.

Formula Vee racing

All this makes me think two things. Firstly, that there are lots of ‘minority’ sports out there just getting on with doing their thing. And secondly, that we’re doing alright by just getting on with doing our thing.