Scuz – A bit of Mountainboarding history

Scuz Mountainboarding Zine Issue One

Issue one of Scuz mountainboarding zine. A rider written publication for the sport of mountainboarding. Concentrating on the UK scene with politics and music reviews, this was the “historic” first issue.

Scuz Mountainboarding Zine Issue Two

Second issue of Scuz mountainboarding zine. Originally the first and second issue had a £1 cover charge. This was the last paid-for issue, before we went free (as in free beer). Issue two covered inline boarding, the 4th round of the ATBA UK championships, LARD – a London based regional mountainboarding club and the usual gig reviews and political issue.

Scuz Mountainboarding Zine Issue Three

The third amazing issue of Scuz mountainboarding zine. The first issue to be free (as in beer). Introducing Team BAD – a riders club from Bristol in the UK, the Maxtrack Classic, music and gig reviews and a whole host of mountainboard related anecdotes.

Scuz Mountainboarding Zine Issue Four

The “Big” issue. Scuz goes A4. Mike “Meeko” Cronin interviewed, building your own dirt park, the Northern Offroad Boarding Society, team MEBA, spot guides and the Rob Newman (of Mary Whitehouse Experience fame) Interview.

Scuz Mountainboarding Zine Issue Five

The fifth issue of Scuz Mountainboarding Zine (with a new look and logo!). Report on rounds 1 to 3 of ATBA UK series, interview and story on Lush Longboards, a UK based longboard manufacturer making in-roads into the UK mountainboarding scene, interview with Will and Jack Herriot – two up and coming young riders.

Scuz Mountainboarding Zine Issue Six

Scuz mountainboarding zine issue six – part one of the Scuz UK Road Trip; nine men, nine days, one van and one shower. ATBA UK series rounds 4, 5 and 6. Meet Stu Kirk, the godfather of UK mountainboarding.

Scuz Mountainboarding Zine Issue Seven

The seventh deadly sin. Part deux of the Scuz UK road trip. Ian’s Last Ride – Ian from Team BAD’s fairwell session. Lush “Slide” film premiere. Kiteboarding.

Scuz Mountainboarding Zine Issue Eight

Eight is great! Round 1 and 2 of the 2005 ATBA UK Championships. Balance boards – build and ride your own. World Freestyle Championships – out of the freezer this time.

Scuz Mountainboarding Zine Issue #9

Nine, The calamity issue. Round of up rounds 4, 5 and 6 of the 2005 ATBA UK championships. Adventura World Downhill Championships in Cortina, Italy. Spending your summer on water instead of dirt – not that we encourage this kind of goings on. The usual shenanigans!

Scuz Mountainboarding Video Zine Issue 1

The Scuz Mountainboarding Video Zine Issue 1 – a daft half hour of mountainboarding, music and larking about.