Hyper brakes are go!

Took my new hyper brake board out for a spin to get a quick impression of the brakes.

Hyper board at night

First thoughts are that they are excellent. Fantastic stopping power on eights on tarmac and although much heavier than hydraulic pad set-ups they make up for it in knowing you will most definitely stop.

I wasn’t sure cable discs brakes were a good idea as they can be notoriously difficult to balance, but these were perfect, stopping in a straight line without any pull.

I don’t know if they’ll be as robust as hydraulic disc brakes and with six inch discs you wouldn’t want them on anything too rough, but they are definitely worth having.

Back to Birdlip

Nightride at Birdlip

Haven’t ridden at Birdlip for years, but a nightride with Mutley fixed that. Riding down the a-maize-ing track in the dark and walking back up to earn the ride. Definitely. Then off to Wales for more new-track-madness tomorrow.

Full mooooooon shotover seshun!!

Been in front of a computer all day, its a mild evening with a clear sky and a full moon. What else is a guy to do?

noSno Full Moon Seshun

Rode some of my old favourite runs on shotover with my flexi nosno and snowboard boots. I found not tying the boots all the way up gives me greater ankle control in carves and slides, to the point where I’m sliding on just one wheel and staying up on toe-side slides that would have thrown me on my head with any other set-up. It feels a bit weird, almost like not having wheels.

Another awesome session that should see me right till I get up to the Lakes on Tuesday.

Mountainboarding on May Hill

Really cool night time session on May Hill, which I’ve known about for years but never ridden. Old stomping ground of NASA but I bet it hasn’t seen four wheels in a few years. It’s a pretty nice spot with some long runs. I forgot my GPS which means I didn’t record any of the runs for the map.

I rode my noSno, which I’m getting back into more and more, especially now I’ve got T1’s on the back and T2’s on the front so I can slide it around. Will definitely have to have another ride there in the autumn, and maybe a proper on-foot scouting mission to get all the runs marked out.