Multi-share shapshot

I’ve been thinking about some kind of ‘Multi-share’ service where you can update to all your social networks at once (which of course is doable with FB and TW integration), but also to be able to share what you are doing on other sites such as ‘I’m watching…’ on YouTube, ‘I’m working on…’ on GoggleDocs, ‘I’m reading…’ this blog, etc. It would provide a snapshot of your online activity at any given time. It would build up an online profile for you that would be constantly updating with your most visited sites, topics you are interested in, activities you do, etc. and it would do this automatically. This is obviously different from the kind of profile you have on Facebook which you make when you join and don’t update much expect for joining new groups. Maybe it could be an evolution for Facebook since they already integrate with Spotify, Newspapers, etc. and already have all the people. It would just mean Facebook working more closely with rival google for things like YouTube, but it would make for more interesting personal profiles.