Ethics is negotiation

In the modern age, ethical reasoning is not handled down to us on stone tablets, it requires negotiation

The multifaceted nature of literacy

The multifaceted nature of literacy, the range of resources it requires, and the social nature of its practice and mastery all point to conclusion that the acquisition of literacy is a matter not only of cognition, or even of culture, but also of power and politics (Freire, 1970; 1994; Freire and Macedo, 1987; Gee, 1996; 1984; Street, 1995)

Implementers, investigators and imaginers

Society needs those who are implementing the solutions we need now, those who are investigating the solutions we’ll need soon, and those who are imagining the solutions we’ll need in the future

Vertically integrated thinking

Vertically integrated thinking, seeing the big strategic picture and the details that make it happen together, is a bigger problem for hierarchical organisations to solve than horizontal teams working in silos

Internal competition

Internal competition is market thinking rather than coordinated state thinking. It assumes that the best ideas will win, that customers will find the right solution for them. One facilitates thinking, the other facilitates doing.