Weeknotes 114

What happened this week…

  • Went to the Pharmacy Show and met four new suppliers.
  • Wrote a supplier agreement for a blood pressure monitor supplier.
  • Tested the improvements to Donations for the Online Shop.
  • Reviewed and rewrote defibrillator web page content ready for sign-off.
  • Experimented with a canvas-type format for documenting a piece of work.
  • Reviewed the final changes to the AX sales interface.
  • Worked with the Infrastructure Team to make changes that will hopefully resolve some issues with Mimecast.
  • Completed the half year financial analysis of Ecommerce.
  • Created example export files for the Central Ordering Site.
  • Discussed working with Service Innovation & Evaluation on a public blood pressure testing campaign.
  • Discussed how the NDN can be more user-need driven.
  • Fedback on the CPR Chatbot for Restart A Heart Day.
  • Onboarded the Ebay Hub team to Freshdesk.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Reviewing the Christmas card marketing plan.
  • Discussing RMSP cutover, stock take, and how to handle sales embargo.
  • Writing requirements for getting order cancellations and returns into AX.
  • Discussing the next steps for the new tender for the Events clothing supplier.
  • Following up with Blood Pressure Monitor suppliers.
  • Testing the IT changes for fixing the Mimecast/Freshdesk issue.
  • Writing the guide to writing a business case for your defibrillator.
  • Adding Donations upsell to the Online Shop.
  • Testing Back Order functionality in Magento.
  • Looking at Supervisr Rules in Freshdesk to see if they can be more useful.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Since launching the new site, the Conversion Rate has increased 8.91%, the Abandon Rate has reduced by 4.10% and most surprisingly, the percentage of customers registering for an account has increased by 36.36%.

In the not to distant future…

  • Selling blood pressure monitors.