Weeknotes 332

This week I did:

Sales process

I’ve been designing a sales process that works like an ever-increasing cycle of bringing in new opportunities and maintain a long term relationship with corporate partners to encourage them to take up over opportunities with us.

A clockwork butterfly

This week’s irregular ideas newsletter was about cause and effect, unpredictability and how we confuse the two when we think about technology.

I read:

The Phoenix Project

I was sent a gift. The Phoenix Project is a book about DevOps, which might have some ideas to contribute to solving a problem we’re facing. The problem is, how do we control changes to the website to ensure a consistent user experience without creating barriers and gatekeeping changes.

Systems Change: Why it Matters

This article from the Chandler Foundation about changing systems is interesting because of how it talks about mental models as an essential way of understanding how systems work. How people think about what happens within the system is just as important part of the system as things like government policies or logistics supply chains.

And I thought about

Afrofuturism as a framework for technology charities

I’ve started learning about Afrofuturism as offering an alternative view of futurism to the dominant Silicon Valley tech-optimist approach. Afrofuturism asks, who gets left behind? It takes a more equitable approach to how tech gets used. I’ve got a lot to learn but it’ll be interesting to see if it helps me figure out more about technology charities.


Learning about content design is one of my objectives for next year. I’ve started to map different aspects I’d like to learn about. One of the questions I’ve started to think about is whether it makes sense for content to come first and the design adapted to fit or for the design to be first and content created to fit the design.