Weeknotes 380

What I did this week:

Delivering value

Had some good conversations this week about the difference between delivering work and providing value. That means working in ways that create a system of work for others, and using test-and-learn approaches. I’m interested to see where we go with this as it’s a different way of thinking about our work. But one of the things about product thinking is moving away from finished to continuous so it’s an thing to figure out.


I completed 70 tasks this week, an average of 14 a day. Down from last week but still above the all time average of 10.8.

I set myself three goals this week, and I scored myself 10% on one and 20% each on two. Very poor performance. My overall score is 43%, which means I don’t achieve over half the goals I set for myself.

What I read:

Business model generation

They say never meet your heroes, but they don’t tell you never to read books about things you’re already familiar with. I’m over half way through Business model generation and haven’t learned anything I didn’t already know about the business model canvas.

Maybe it was just a bad choice of book, but my attempts to read a book rather than lots of things on the internet went well. The only stuff I’ve been reading is other people’s weeknotes.

What I thought about:

Product suite

I spent a bit of time thinking about all our different products and how they might relate. So far, they all have different audiences, use different technologies, have very different strategies. The only thing that connects them is that we use them. Do they need to be connected? How? Are the product standards the way to connect them? Or is it just how we think about and manage them?