Action Sports Alliance


Action Sports Alliance provides youth development projects for young people across the UK. These opportunities include action sports competitions, activities and coaching, and educational and training opportunities for schools and youth groups.

White Air 2008

White Air is an extreme sports festival held on the Isle of Wight. Action Sports Alliance was invited to instruct mountain boarding at the “have a go” area. It was a huge success with over a hundred people trying mountain baording for the first time.

0800 Reverse WIDE RIDE Skatepark Tour 2008

The 0800 Reverse Wide Ride Skatepark Tour visited skateparks across the UK during the summer of 2008 and held jam sessions for skateboards, bikes, scooters, streetboards, mountainboards, unicycles, waveboards, bmxs, and flowboards. Not for the experts, this tour was for all the kids who ride ‘cos they love it. Visit the 0800 Reverse WIDE RIDE Skatepark Tour website to see photos and videos.

Inspired Spaces

The Inspired Spaces Project, supported by Unipart, SS20, Brewers and B&Q;, involved a group of young people working together to improve the outside area at Blackbird Leys Adventure Playground. The group consulted with the children who use the adventure playground to discover their thoughts and opinions about where they live and the kinds of improvements they would like to see. The community-themed graffiti artwork was produced to reflect the ideas brought up by the children.

Team 0800 Reverse Out To Grass
With Action Sports Alliance managing the relationship between 0800 Reverse and Out To Grass Mountain Board Centre, and providing management and training support for the team, Team 0800 Reverse OTG have had an amazing year. The team won the ATBA-UK National Championship 2007 Freestyle Team and Overall Team categories, and in addition to their success in the National Championships, the team also entered riders into The MBS European Cup in Cyprus and the Fatface Night Air competition. Take a look at some photos of Team 0800 Reverse OTG

SS20 Mountain Board Team

Four young lads from Oxfordshire took part in our mountain board coaching programme in the spring of 2007. After completing the coaching programme, and with support from Action Sports Alliance, the lads quickly secured sponsorship from SS20, the Skate and Snow Store in Oxford, and SS20 Mountain Board Team was born. During the summer of 2007 the team competed in the ATBA-UK National Championships and came away with excellent results, including 5th place in the Under-14’s category. The youngest member of the team was awarded the Oxforshire Sports Award “Extreme Sportsperson of the Year 2007”. The summer of 2008 saw the Team competing in the Belgium Open and rding at the RockOn Mountain Board Centre in Winterberg, Germany. The team was awarded a grant from Oxfordshire Youth Service to put on three Learn to mountain board days over the school summer holidays 2008.

Sinister Racing Mountain Bike Team

The Sinister Racing Mountain Bike Team has steadily gained strength over the past year and now has eight promising young riders from across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Action Sports Alliance provides management assistance and training support to the team, who have secured funding to provide cycle safety workshops for young bikers in Herefordshire. All of the team riders are looking forward to competing in the NPS 4X competitions next year. Take a look at some photos of Sinister Racing

Diversionary Activities

Action Sports Alliance delivers six week Diversionary Projects to engage young people who are involved in anti-social behaviour in alternative activities. The focus of this work is to demonstrate to young people that they are valued members of the community and that they will invested in as such. Take a look at some photos of Mountain Boarding and Graffiti Workshops.

Team Work EXperience

The Team Work EXperience programme takes groups of young people who can not undertake work experience in a workplace and engages them in a series of team building exercises, skill development workshops and a work-related-learning project. The programme focuses on employability skills such as budgeting, planning, work with others, and time management.

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