Apparently, according to this tweet, the things that make people happy at work are a nice desk, gym membership, and a paid day off on their birthday.

Those seem like very superficial things to me, like expecting a new car to bring you happiness in life. And they are things that are separate from and external to your job.

I think we should look to our work to make us happy at work, not chase superficial outside gratification to distract us from our work. It suggests that an attitude of ‘I don’t like my work but at least I can go to the gym for free’ is the route to being happy at work. How can that make sense?

Finding and doing the right work for you will bring you more happiness than a new desk. Feeling meaning and significance in your work is what will make you happier at work. Appreciating how you contribute, having positive relationships with colleagues, learning and growing, this is what will make you happier at work.