My feedback on the first Digital and Customer Experience Away Day

I think the customer journey mapping exercise was interesting (and I’ve done similar exercises in the past) but I think it needs to carry on, perhaps with some informal drop-in training sessions or maybe something more formal. We have a programme of training for our finance system and understanding how our customers interact with the organisations is even more important. I think everyone across the BHF should be involved in some journey mapping to understand how they contribute to the customer’s experience of the BHF.

What in particular worked well about the day?

Having everyone in the same room and seeing how big and how diverse the team is. It made me excited and enthusiastic about what we can achieve together.

What improvements would you make to the day?

I was only there for the morning, but I think the challenge with days like these is trying to do lots of things to give people a broad overview but also delivering some value to those people. So I wonder if we should have fewer but more focused sessions.

What would you like to see included in the next Away Day?

Building on the journey mapping and understanding how the customer experiences the BHF.

Do you have any other comments or suggestions that you’d like to share?

This might not be within the scope of the Away Day but I think there could be some benefit from inviting selected people from other directorates who have strong connections with D&CE so they can see of the department is changing.