Retrospective April 2022

This month’s lesson: I need a lot of space for my thoughts to soar, without it they get stuck and it’s the exploring of ideas that is important to me.

Contributing to the digital transformation of the non-profit sector

Working at a national non-profit organisation to embed product thinking and practice

It’s been an interesting month. I’ve made more progress in some areas and much less than I’d like in others. Some things I thought I understood I found out I didn’t, and some things I assumed to be a given actually aren’t. But I’m still reflecting on what I can learn from it.

Participating in online communities for social good, innovation, product and digital

Nothing. Zip. Nada. Still haven’t figured out what I can do towards this goal.

Continually developing my knowledge, skills and practice

Formal education

Didn’t do anything on my BSL course. I did a little on the Gitlab Remote Working course but not enough

Informal learning

A started a few new projects: timeline of modern work, ambigoality, superpowered, dividual me, and the app-ification of work.

Reflective practice

Irregular Ideas is going well and has 33 subscribers. It’s a good opportunity to explore some of the more far-out ideas I have along with helping me practice writing and sticking to a schedule.

I wrote weeknotes on schedule every week.

Leading an intentional life

My nomadic life along the coastline was on pause. Back soon.

I’m still not doing enough to improve my physical health.

Financial independence

Runaway at 51 months.