Retrospective August 2022

The lesson for this month, when it comes to achieving stuff, structure really helps with the how but knowing why matters most.

Contributing to the digital transformation of the non-profit sector

Working at a national non-profit organisation to embed product thinking and practice

I’ve set myself four goals:

  • Be a better manager
  • Build better products
  • Create a better environment
  • Deliver projects faster

Within each goal there are activities, some regular some one-off, some I’m comfortable with some that stretch me, that will contribute to achieving those goals. Having these goals as a way to frame where I focus my time should help me be a bit structured in my work.

Participating in online communities for social good, innovation, product and digital

This continues to be the goal that I can’t figure out. How do you contribute to a community and be remote, async, introvert. I keep circling around ideas about improving product management in charities but can’t quite find the way.

Continually developing my knowledge, skills and practice

Formal education

Didn’t do anything on my BSL course, on the Gitlab Remote Working course. I say this every month, but really need to go give them some time next month.

Informal learning

I didn’t do much on any of my side-projects. This is because I’m just not sure they are helping to achieve the community contribution goal.

Irregular Ideas has 48 subscribers and I’ve written 66 editions. I think I’ve settled continuing to use Substack so I need to shut down the old Irregular Ideas website and move the domain name over to Substack.

I wrote a few Twitter threads from my weekly reading list. And I’ve started writing a few digital charity related threads which I’ll experiment with for a few weeks.

Reflective practice

I wrote weeknotes on schedule every week and daynotes most days. I’ve been trying to do a bit of journaling and free-form writing by hand, which feels easier to actually write but harder to do, especially as the evenings get darker.

Leading an intentional life


Nomadic coastline life continues. Been thinking a bit about the goal of becoming good compost.

Health & well-being

Walked every day, swam in sea on some days, but still not getting enough exercise.

Financial independence

Runaway good.