Retrospective October 2022

The lesson for this month; two ways of working complement each other, scheduled with a clear definition of done and vague with uncertain output.

Contributing to the digital transformation of the non-profit sector

Working at a national non-profit organisation to embed product thinking and practice

Be a better manager

Started working with a coach to try to help me understand what success looks like for me as a manager and how I can support the team better. It’s given me a lot to think about.

One-to-ones with the team were less effective than I’d like but I’m getting back on track.

Build better products

Began thinking about a technology strategy and talked a bit about improving testing.

Create a better environment

Didn’t do much this month on improving the environment.

Deliver projects faster

Worked on quite a few projects, and thought about how too much work in progress affects time to value.

Participating in online communities for social good, innovation, product and digital

Didn’t do anything on this goal.

Continually developing my knowledge, skills and practice

Formal education

Still haven’t done anything on my BSL course or the Gitlab Remote Working course.

Informal learning

Didn’t work on any of my side-projects.

Irregular Ideas has 61 subscribers and 73 posts. I’ve haven’t finished adding images to old editions on Substack or added the domain name.

Wrote a few Twitter threads from my weekly reading list. Carried on with my digital/product/charity twitter thread experiment. No results yet.

Reflective practice

I wrote weeknotes on schedule every week and daynotes some days.

Did a bit writing by hand to help me think through some strategy problems.

Leading an intentional life


Nomadic coastline life was good. Spent a few weeks inland but with good reason.

Health & well-being

Walked most days, but didn’t go running.

Financial independence

Runaway good.