Using Revue for communicating to colleagues

I’ve been using Revue, a simple email newsletter system, for the past twenty weeks to send weekly update emails, mostly to internal colleagues. The emails include what we’ve been working on this week, articles we’ve read, what we intend to work on next week and an interesting statistic from the Ecommerce business. The emails aren’t used to give detailed projects status updates, they are just a way of giving people who read it a broad overview of what is going on in ecommerce at the BHF.

Why Revue?

I could have produced the weekly emails in a number of ways. I could have just sent the emails using Outlook, which would have been simple but wouldn’t have provided any feedback on who is reading the emails. Or at the other end of the scale of complexity I could have used our ESP Dotmailer, which is would have been more on-brand but more work to create the emails.

I went with Revue because the weekly updates were a test to see if people were interested in what we were doing. If they weren’t then I would have stopped, so Revue provided an easy middle ground with statistics about who opened the emails. 

Good things about Revue

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s free.
  • It shows statistics of who opened the emails and how many times.

Not so good things about Revue

  • The template is limited, although there is a paid version.
  • It’s just about usable on a mobile, but it’s not great.

Generally the emails are opened by everyone on the subscribers list so there must be some interest in knowing what is going on without having to read through project status updates. These weekly updates also forces me to think about what we’ve done and what we’ll be doing. So, as the test seems to have been a success I’ll continue to use Revue.