Week Notes #148

What happened this week…  

  • Answered Defibrillator enquires and processed orders.  
  • Handed-over Freshdesk to CSC. 
  • Completed handover notes. 
  • Discussed medical sign-off for Blood Pressure Monitors. 
  • Interviewed for the new Ecommerce Executive role. 

Read this week…  

Doing next week…  

  • Answering defibrillator enquiries.  
  • Right To Be Forgotten requests. 
  • Central Ordering site support questions. 
  • Processing monthly purchase orders. 
  • Second interview for the new Ecommerce Executive role. 

Uninteresting stat of the week…  

  • During my time at the BHF the online shop had 6.7 million visitors, took almost 62,000 orders, shipped 572,000 units, and did over £2 million in sales. 

In the not too distant future…  

  • A new role at the British Standards Institute