Week notes #191

This week I’ve been doing:

Taking action

This week at work we’ve been mobilising our response to the effects of the coronavirus on young people. We launched our Young People Action Plan. Moving fast, changing priorities. 

I’ve been impressed with our leadership team and the level of response they have taken. They could have taken the approach that the current situation is temporary, made the least change possible to continue to deliver services for young people, and waited for it all to go back to normal. Instead they seem to be taking this as an opportunity to rethink and redesign how the organisation supports young people in a digital world. 

Goodbye cruel world

Lockdown started early this week. I spent the last evening of not-lockdown-ness on the beach.

I wonder how other minimalist digital nomads will cope with having to be stuck inside in one place for the next few weeks?

How to create a life roadmap 

I wrote a short guide to creating a roadmap for your life with the aim of helping someone find some focus and direction. It’s a technique I’ve used with a few people and I wonder if it’s something I should write more about.

This week I’ve been studying:

The effects of deregulation of the labour market on the power balance between firms and employees

This assignment is a tough one. It’s on a topic I’m not very interested in, and is in two parts, one of 500 words and the other of 3500 words. To counter my lack of interest I’m being more organised, breaking the work down into small chunks and scheduling them over the next couple of weeks to make sure I finish it before the deadline.

This week I’ve been thinking about:

My life roadmap 

I’ve been considering the future, what’s important to me, reviewing the five principles I wrote x years ago, and asking myself if they are still relevant. It’s a difficult thing to do in such uncertain times but it feels even more important than usual for focusing and making the most of my time.

This week, people I follow on Twitter have been saying:

National infrastructure

Paul Smith tweeted “I’m biased but seriously, Just how good is http://gov.uk?! – Fixing publishing for government was such a good and wise thing. Can you imagine the disarray of outdated and repeated information on those 100’s of sites before? #nationalnfrastructure” 

Government digital teams ‘fix the plumbing’ approach has proved it’s worth.