Last day

My last day at RNID. Thanks ChatGPT for writing my leaving speech.

Screenshot of goodbye meeting

Three words people used to describe me: challenging, calm and kind. I’ll take that.

HTML presentation

Giles Turnbull blogged about making presentations in html so they can be viewed in a browser. I love this idea, so I started creating a html presentation. It’s easier to keep on brand, is more accessible and useable, and, when I sort out the css, works on mobiles. I might try to use it in my new role.

Three word definitions

Think I’ve figured out my three word definition for product management: “discovering valuable problems”.

Reading Marty Cagan

From ten years ago:

The product map


The givens

It’s the givens, the things that are so obvious as to not need to be talked about, are probably the things that need talking about the most.