Shift the system, change the behavior. Change the behavior, shift the system.

Internal change is too ad hoc, it lacks rigour. We recognise a problem, want to do something about it, and get tied up in knots with all the possibilities. Any changes we do try aren’t treated as experiments, they don’t have a hypothesis about what we expect to see or measures to tell us if it worked. And so, more often than not, the change doesn’t really work and we go back around.

Also, internal change is a safe place to be. If it doesn’t get results, there aren’t really any consequences.

Had a chat about how I can come across as negative. I don’t mean to. I don’t think I’m naturally a negative person but my autistic brain does leap to analysing and critiquing things to try to understand how they work and fit together. I get that that means I come across as negative. Not really sure what to do about that other than keep quiet.

Mapped some more of my mental model for product management.