Neurodiverse burnout

Listened to the WB40 podcast with Georgina Shute about her business KindTwo and how she is helping leaders with ADHD to avoid burnout.

Three word definition

I’m changing my three word definition of product management to, ‘discovering worthwhile problems’. It used to be ‘discovering valuable problems’ but I think it’s a bit complicated to think of a problem as valuable, but being worthwhile makes more sense. Worthwhile problems are problems enough people have, aren’t satisfied with the current solution, are willing to change to a new solution, etc.

User mental models

Got a mention on Matt Ballantine’s blog about understanding the mental models users bring to products and how it informs how they use a product (probably more than the interface does).

Charity redundancies

Lots more charities are making redundancies. The crisis is just getting started. I don’t think the sector will ever be the same again.

Ten years

Almost finished my blog post about product management in charities. Not sure whether I need to add a caveat about it probably not worth most charities investing in product management.