The Fire Control Problem

How to hit a moving target🚀

Or, how to achieve things when you don’t really know what you want to achieve.

This five day course sends you fast-paced lessons and self-reflective questions via SMS to get you thinking about moving towards a goal when you don’t yet know what you want to achieve.

📱What you’ll get

  • A text message every day for six days
  • A lesson in applying the Fire Control method for achieving uncertain goals.
  • An opportunity for self-reflective thinking about what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it.

🎯Why you need it

  • Do you start projects but never finish them?
  • Do you want a way to check your heading in the right direction?
  • Do you know you want you achieve something but you’re not really sure what?

The Fire Control Problem will show you how to embrace those uncertain goals, move towards them, get feedback to check you’re heading in the right direction, and define your goal as you get closer to it.

📗Get to know the story

What happens when you draw on a wall with an ex-army sniper

What happens when you draw on a wall with an ex-army sniper?

Find out how The Fire Control Problem started from a conversation about ballistics with a sniper.

Why would you waste time writing a book about uncertain goals?

Read about my attempts to write an ebook about The Fire Control Problem and why it failed.

The Fire Control Problem Wall Drawing

What did I find out from starting a short SMS learning course?

Catch up with my latest experiment in offering a free The Fire Control Problem SMS short course.

❓Infrequently Asked Questions

How much does the course cost? – Nothing, nada, zip. It’s free. Your mobile phone network provider may charge you, but I don’t.

How does it differ from other self help courses? – Most advice about achieving goals starts with defining the goal. They say you have to know what you want to achieve before you can achieve it. The Fire Control approach says that you don’t need to know the exact goal or target you just need to get moving in the general direction of your goal and define it as you get closer.

🙋‍♀️Do you have any questions?

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