Weeknotes 117

What happened this week…

  • Began planning ecommerce work for next year.
  • Launched donation upsells on the online shop.
  • Discussed stock take and cutover for RMSP.
  • Completed the range plan for defibrillators.
  • Met the new Retail Customer Services Manager.
  • Discussed the defibrillators project plan with the Survival Team.
  • Reviewed the event clothing range and analysed size breaks.
  • Discussed processes for importing bulk orders into the Central Ordering site.
  • Discussed merchandise ordering processes for Community Fundraising.
  • Working on the Marketing data brief for the Christmas Card Newsletter
  • Tested selling Christmas Cards on Amazon.
  • Added a recaptcha form to stop Russian spammers bring down the site.
  • Prepared content for a Christmas theme donation page.
  • Created a product line list for clearing stock.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Writing content for defibrillator downloads.
  • Planning defibrillator customer journey presentation.
  • Setting up automated emails for defibrillator customer onboarding.
  • Creating product listings for defibrillators on Magento.
  • Writing objectives for Ecommerce for next year.
  • Reviewing the results of Christmas card featuring Heart Matters Newsletter.
  • Catching up with the Advertising Team on Christmas Cards.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Comparing October this year to last year, referral traffic from the main website was down 29.5% (27,210 users) but organic traffic was up 112.5% (6,483 users).

In the not to distant future…

  • Visiting our new clothing supplier.