Replacing isolated work with networked work

There are two ways to do undertake a role. In an isolated way or in a networked way.

Working in isolation sees the job as having a defined remit of only doing the work that your job title implies or your job description defines. It regards individuals as separate from each other and producing discrete outputs that are then used by others acting in isolated ways.

Working in a networked way sees the role as part of an interconnected system. It means working to improve how the organisation works as a whole ahead of what works for the individual. Connected working contributes to the overall activities and performance of the system, it recognises that global optimisation is a better goal than local efficiency.

How do we work in more networked ways? Smaller and less self-conscious contributions might be way. Collaboratively producing a document might be a small example. Recognising that there is organisational gain to be achieved by sharing knowledge could be another. Informal coaching and feedback between lots more people.