Ecommerce for charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises

Ecommerce Management is owning the ecommerce and digital business ecosystem, including platforms, merchandise, marketing, logistics, customer services, and administration to deliver excellent customer experience and achieve business objectives.

It is about delivering a responsive and validated strategy, ongoing prioritised improvement projects, and operational success.

What is Ecommerce Product Management?

It's more than just running a website. Ecommerce Product Management requires in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the business to ensure all of the parts work together. It's about applying commercial awareness to ensure a positive return on investment and being focused on providing customers with an excellent experience that generates profitable income.

Why Product Management?

Product Management has principles, methodologies, and approaches that fit particularly well to growing an ecommerce business. Applying these principles of bringing the customer voice into the business, focusing on the problem, and testing and optimising the end-to-end business process to deliver a product that is valuable and usable offer a focused method of delivery.

Why Third Sector?

Many charities run small ecommerce businesses but few run successful, profitable businesses that contribute towards the charities mission. Product Managing a charity ecommerce business to provide an excellent customer experience to contribute funds towards the work of the charity makes the world a better place.


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